Why & Where the Will be Temple be Rebuilt ?

Biblical illustration of First Book of Kings Chapter 8, artistic rendition of the Temple including the two pillars (Image: Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing via Wikimedia Commons)

I have chosen and sanctified this house that My Name shall be there forever. – 2 Chronicles 7:16

In B.C. times (before Covid), whenever I had a time of Q & A in my meetings the one question that always came up was …. “Will the Temple be rebuilt ?” I often receive messages like the one I received earlier this week, that has prompted me to repeat a comment that I wrote several years ago on the subject of the Temple. Someone in a prayer group that I have just joined posted a message stating that there is no need for a Temple because now the Lord lives in us, and that it is blasphemy to even think about a new Temple. This kind of thinking is based on an anti-Semitic, Greek-based understanding of the scriptures and a wrong perspective of the Kingdom of GOD. I am sure there our many of our readers who still wonder about the Temple, so I pray that this week’s comment will clarify things for you. I will try to keep my article as simple as possible.

Whenever we have a controversial question about a subject in the Bible, we can only discover the truth when we study it in the original language, be that Hebrew for the Old Testament or Greek for the New Testament. In Hebrew the Temple is called Beit haMikdash or literally the Holy House. The GOD of Israel considers the Temple Mount to be His address on the Earth. There are many verses in the Hebrew Scriptures, where God speaks about Mt. Zion being his dwelling place on Earth. (Psalm 2:6, Psalm 9:1, Psalm 99:2, Psalm132:13) Mt. Zion or Mt Moriah as it is also known as, is the place where YHVH called Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. It is the place where the first Jewish Temple and the second Jewish temple stood. YHVH instructed Moses to build Him a house according to His design and at His chosen location, so that He could come and dwell with His people Israel. The spirit of GOD dwelt with the Israelites inside the Ark of the Covenant which sat in the Holy of Holies in the heart of the Temple. Mt.Zion is also the place where GOD sent His Son, Yeshua, to be a sacrifice. This seems to be the sole location on Earth where GOD has chosen to interact with His people.

On this basis I also believe that the Garden of Eden was located in the same place – Jerusalem. This is confirmed by the opening verse where GOD states that His Name will dwell there forever. One more piece of evidence was given to me by a sister from Canada – From Genesis we know that the Tree of Life was in the Garden of Eden. In the book of revelation we read that the Tree of Life is on both sides of the river that springs forth when Yeshua’s feet land on the Mt.Of Olives and split the mountain in two. The Mount of Olives is in Jerusalem. Thus the Garden of Eden, where YHVH created Adam and Eve, must have been where Jerusalem is located. Also there is a plaque on the Temple courtyard, place by rabbinic scholars, that says this is the location where GOD created Adam & Eve. Therefore my point number 1 is that the GOD of Israel has, and will always dwell amongst his people from His Holy House (the Temple) in Jerusalem.

When forming our understanding of the Bible, we must take the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, into account. I personally believe that from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is really about the re-establishment of GOD’s Kingdom on the Earth. I also believe that most of the strategic events of world history are really about the struggle between GOD and His arch enemy Satan, who has always attempted to do everything in his power to carry out a mutiny (Isaiah14:1) – and abort the plan of GOD, which is as I have said above, to dwell with his people on the Earth. This is exactly what Satan is doing today through the Muslim Arab world, through the UN, EU and secular government leaders, through the secular media, and even through the large sector of the church which is deceived by Replacement Theology. This is why we see an ever increasing international opposition to Israel and the Jewish people occupying all of the land that GOD has promised to them.

My point number 2 is that the restoration of Israel in 1948, the ongoing return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland, and the miraculous re-establishment of the nation of Israel on the world scene, is in reality a preparation for the re-establishment of GOD’s Kingdom on the Earth, which according to the many scriptures, can only be located on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem.

According to my understanding of the New Testament, when the Kingdom of GOD is re-established on the Earth, it will be YHVH in the form of His Son Yeshua who will rule and reign over the Kingdom for 1000 years, before the new Heavens and the new Jerusalem are brought forth. I trust that I am correct in assuming that we are all looking forward to the Second Coming of Yeshua (2 Peter 3:12) , this time to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is my understanding from the Scriptures that Yeshua is coming back in His new glorified body. It is a physical body and the Bible says that the Messiah will sit on the Throne of David. I believe this is not just spiritual but it is literal,

Therefore my point number 3 is that Yeshua is coming back to be the King of YHVH’s Kingdom. Kings dwell in palaces. Yeshua carries the Name of His Father, and the Father has told us in His Word that His Name shall dwell in His Holy House on the Temple Mount forever. (2 Chronicles 7:16) From my read of the Bible, there is only one place on the planet where the Son of GOD will rule and reign during the Millennium over the entire Earth from – the Holy of Holies, in a rebuilt Temple, on the very same spot that the previous 2 Temples stood, on the top of Mount Moriah in the heart of Jerusalem, the undivided capital city of Israel.

I trust that what I have written has answered the question: Why & Where Will the Temple be Rebuilt – MARANATHA Yeshua!!!

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries and is reposted with permission.