Within 10 Seconds…

“I have so much hatred inside me. I do not belong here. I hate the German perfectionism with all that I have within me. I don′t even want German friends, as I cannot stand their mentality. And I don′t want to live here, but I have to.”

Michael is a Jew who lives in Germany. This was his reaction after I suggested he may need to start forgiving the culture and people he lives in their midst.

“What should I forgive? And whom? Is it wrong to not like a specific mentality? And how can I forgive a system? I don′t know anyone in the system that I can approach and say: I forgive you.”

I suggested he reads my booklet, that talks about this issue (Who is knocking on your door?). Eventually he consented to give it a try.

“Baruch Ata Adonai Yeshua HaMashiach,” he emailed me his prayer. “You died for our sins and the sins of the world. I forgive Germany and the Germans for abusing the gift you gave them – the love of perfection – and for making it a satanic weapon that destroyed the life of my family, as well as my own life. I invite you to come into this place in my soul where I am lost in loneliness, fear, fighting and distancing myself from Germans. Please forgive me for my negative reactions. It is forgiven. Amen.”

On the next line in the email Michael started thanking me for taking the time to read about his struggle, and than had to pause since the phone rang.

What he emailed me next was so cool!!!

“Wow, I was going to send the email when the phone rang. On the line was a representative of our health insurance company. Her first words were: ‘We need to ask your forgiveness’. Apparently they made a mistake last year with their calculations, and now they are going to send us some money….

Can you believe it? A German woman, working for the system, just asked me to forgive a mistake that the system has made long time ago. And that happened within 10 seconds after I declared in the name of Yeshua that I have forgiven! 

It feels so good! I solemnly told her that I forgive her. And in my heart I was thinking of all the pain I carried inside me because of the way the German system is built to perfection. This was so cool. And God is so great!!!”

Incredible Photos of Nuclear Explosions: Yes, indeed, and so is the power of forgiveness! I like to compare forgiveness to a nuclear bomb. You throw it into a pain stricken area in your heart, and it transforms its DNA for good, to the point no bitter root can grow there. Unlike a bomb, forgiveness enables us to start fresh and allow a lot of good stuff to grow.

There is much talking about forgiveness. “But why doesn’t it always work? And why does it involve so much pain? I prefer to suppress my pain,” people tell me, “rather than let it surface, just to find out my forgiveness didn’t really work.”

More about this in my next post.

This article originally appeared on Ot OoMofet Ministries, August 9, 2016, and reposted with permission.