Worship event to draw believers from around Israel


The Yuval School of Music and the Arts is joining together with FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries) to host a worship and intercession event at the King of Kings Pavilion facility in Jerusalem next week which will be recorded live.

The event, on Sept. 26, is open to all believers in the land and many different congregations and organizations are expected to be represented.

“In the spirit of unity, which is a value of ours, we want to encourage you to be a part of this special event,” Michael Mistretta, chief operating officer of FIRM, said in a press release. “We would love to see you join in with other believers in the Land to support, attend, and even help sponsor this event financially.”

The event is entitled Panai el-Adonai (“My face towards the Lord” from Daniel 9:3) and aims to bring the community of believers together to worship and intercede with songs from all over Israel. The concert will have two seatings, at 5 and 8 p.m. The music will be recorded and made into an album.

Panai el-Adonai takes place three days before Yom Kippur which makes for an additional focus for prayer, supplication and intercession.

“The motivation for this evening is to come before the Lord in prayer and supplication on behalf of Israel,” Yuval Co-Director Jael Kalisher told KNI. “With all of the songs and prayers taken directly from scripture, our cry to the Lord is in effect echoing back to Him the very desire in his heart from before the foundations of the world,”

“We are delighted to join together in a spirit of unity with musicians and singers from many congregations, Israeli Jews and Arabs,” Kalisher shared.

The Yuval School of Music and Arts was established by Kings of Kings Ministries and two other local ministries. The school has a vision for its students to worship God and use their gifts in music and art for His glory.

“[The Yuval team] have a vision to see the entire body of believers come together, worship the Lord and be a blessing to one another,” Michael Mistretta said concerning the upcoming event. “Let’s come together and be an example of unity and generosity!”