Worship for the King: Keren Silver’s new recording to be released in August

Coming from a musical family that worshipped together on a regular basis, Keren Silver has been singing for as long as she can remember and composed her first song around the age of 13 with the desire to see people come to God and experience His presence.

At 16, she became aware that God was calling her to share her gift with the world. She resisted for several years because of reluctance to be in the spotlight and feeling that it was not the right timing, but finally gave in and recorded Show Me Your Glory, which was released in 2014.

She thought that would be it. Her second album, King of Glory, due out in mid-August, wasn’t her idea either.

“Both albums came out of surrender to God and a desire to be faithful with the gift He gave me and not bury it in the ground,” she explained. “I see these songs as God’s songs, which He gives me in order to bless the body of believers in Israel in particular, as well as around the world.”

A number of the songs on the second album came out of a difficult season.

“I had gone through a stillbirth – the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced. I was so shattered that I had a difficult time hearing God,” she said. “He started giving me songs containing His words and cut through the dark and difficult place I was in. One of the things that God showed me during that time was that He is the King of Glory, both in the good times and in the bad. He began to teach me that the purpose of our lives is to know Him, become more like Him, and take part in His glory. This also means knowing His suffering.”

It was then that she started singing again.

“After my personal tragedy took place, God lifted my head and began to show me His glory. He is the King of Glory and worthy of all praise, no matter what I am feeling or going through. It’s a very basic yet deep and life-altering truth. Although everything changes around us and seems unstable, He does not change; He is I Am Who I Am, the Lord of Hosts, as I declare in one of the songs. And that’s why this CD is called King of Glory – because that’s who He is. He is worthy of our praise.”

About a year ago, Silver felt God telling her to release another album. She teamed up with Messianic music producer Avi Perrodin and began recording her first demos in November, with the goal of completing the entire project before giving birth for the fourth time this past March.

Unexpectedly, she started having problems with her voice. Multiple specialists found nothing wrong with her vocal cords and suggested that the phenomenon was probably related to pregnancy hormones.

“It was terrible and very scary,” she admitted. “We recorded everything except my final vocals and had to stop because I couldn’t sing. It was frustrating because it put the schedule for the CD on hold, but looking back, it was God’s way of making sure I stayed calm. Recording a CD on a tight schedule is a stressful process and this way, I had no choice but to step back.”

In the meantime, musicians from all over Israel participated in the album, including Silver’s younger brother, David Seguin. Seguin sings on Silver’s first album but this time he recorded two of his own songs, which are already sung in congregations throughout Israel.

“Working with him comes naturally, and my music wouldn’t be complete without him,” she said.

Silver went back to the studio two months after giving birth.

“After Selah was born, I was listening to the songs before we recorded my final vocals, and just started weeping. Not because of my pain; the Spirit of God came and washed my soul and brought so much healing. Often, I’d hold Selah while recording, because at that stage she would stay still and quiet for long periods of time. God used that, too, to heal me: singing songs that came out of a dark season because of losing a baby while standing in the studio with a newborn in my arms was just amazing.”

The album’s main themes are our expectation of Yeshua’s return and praising Him while declaring His unchanging truth.

“After releasing my first album, in which I asked God to show me His glory, He began to stir an intense yearning for Yeshua’s return and for His kingdom. A desire for His reign in my life and the universe in general,” she said.

“They’re not my songs,” Silver said of the effect that Show Me Your Glory had on people all over the world. “The Lord has really encouraged me through people who were touched, changed and freed by the first album. I’m so humbled and privileged that God chooses to use the songs that He gives me to work in other people.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what God is going to do through the second album. I want God to use it to free captives, heal the brokenhearted, comfort those who mourn, give glory for ashes, and a garment of praise instead of heaviness. I want these songs to be a source of blessing and a connection to the true source of living water. That people would be renewed, encouraged and restored through the words that God spoke to me and through me. To see us standing together and giving the King of Glory the praise and worship that He deserves, no matter the circumstances, and watch as He establishes His Kingdom on earth in us and through us.”

The new album can be pre-ordered at https://igg.me/at/kerensilver or www.kerensilver.com.