Kehila News Israel Writer’s Policy

Kehila News Israel (KNI) is a multi-author online news and information portal that publishes articles, blogs, videos and other media produced by the members of the Israeli Messianic/Christian community, as well as guest contributors from outside of Israel. KNI provides a platform for various viewpoints, voices and perspectives. Nevertheless, KNI reserves the right to edit and/or reject any content on the website, including comments entered by readers, that the staff deems objectionable, abusive, malicious, defamatory, hateful, blasphemous, obscene or legally objectionable.

The KNI staff strongly encourages writers submitting content for publication to ensure that the submission complies with the standards mentioned above. The website provides an open public forum for people to respond to articles, either in the comments section below each article, or in a separate article. Typically, comments and responses will include critiques of what was previously written. Please restrict comments to what is written and avoid personal attacks which could be construed as defamatory material. KNI staff reserves the right to edit or delete personal references that are deemed divisive in keeping with the website’s goal to be an expression of unity and not division. Click here for KNI’s detailed comments policy.

In addition, KNI encourages writers to be cognizant of intellectual property rights and copyrights belonging to other individuals or organizations. Material taken directly from other sources should be cited. KNI will not assume responsibility for intellectual property right or copyright violations on the part of independent writers or speakers. Moreover, KNI is not responsible or liable for content on third-party websites that are referenced either directly or indirectly on the website.