Yad Aman – Setting the Stage for Messianic Music and Art

In Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps, something is abuzz. Only six months ago, on Yitzhak Sadeh Street, the Yad Aman Center was established. Immediately from its name – Hand of the Artist – you can tell it is related to art and this center is a platform for young Messianic artists to display their talents and, to be precise, to have “Faith reflected in Art”, as described by Shai Sol Haver, director of the center.

When asked about the goals of Yad Aman, Shai Sol replied:

“The vision of Yad Aman is to encourage Messianic artists in the country to engage in their craft and to share it with the others; simultaneously creating social events that are also open to the general public and that enable a different kind of encounter with the Messianic community; for the public to be exposed to something new.”

Shai Sol says that the first project of “Yad Aman” has been geared towards acoustic performances; featuring musicians who vocally perform cover versions or their own original material. “In the future we hope to expand to other projects, as well as including diverse and versatile art varieties,” she adds.

“In any case, these events create a fun atmosphere, and are a social gathering open to all, at the same time providing encouragement for these performing artists,” says Shai Sol.

“Yad Aman” is sponsored by Tiferet Yeshua Congregation and has been supported by the leader, Ron Cantor, since its inception. As it is still so new, there is as yet no other congregation that supports the center. “Let’s see what happens after this article,” Shai Sol says with a smile. “It is important to note that Tiferet Yeshua Congregation supports “Yad Aman” and a fund was set up from some believers abroad so performers could be blessed with a modest financial gift,” explains Shai Sol.

Among the guest artists who perform are some who already have experience, while for others it is their first appearance.

Moriah Harish, who performed at Yad Aman this past June told us about her experience:

“This was my first live show. I had heard from a friend that Yad Aman were looking for artists so I approached Shai Sol, and we were both very excited.” Moriah performed songs she herself had written and composed, and shared the stage with another artist – Katrina Apple who also presented her songs.

Moriah concludes with emotion:

“It was a great blessing for us, and we are grateful for the opportunity we were given. We were moved by the reactions and responses from the audience, especially from non-believing friends who came to listen.”

Another singer who performed at Yad Aman at the beginning of August was Tzlil Goldman.

For her it was not a debut performance, and she too presented original songs she has written and composed, as well as performed other familiar songs. Tzlil had three of her friends playing and accompanying her on vocals.

When asked if performing at Yad Aman had opened new avenues for her or given opportunities to perform at additional concerts in other places, Tzlil replied, “There were people there who may not have heard me in the past and now want to work with me following this concert.”

If the name “Shai Sol Haver” sounds familiar to you, you are not mistaken. Shai Sol participated in season two of “HaKokhav Haba” (the Next Star) on Israel’s Channel 2 TV, and there she even had the opportunity to share about her faith in Yeshua.

Shai Sol Haver grew up in Ashdod, and was raised by her mother in the faith – believing in Yeshua the Messiah. She reached HaKokhav Haba by coincidence as part of a Girl Band, in which she was a member.

How did the subject of your Faith come up?

“I was asked to talk about my personal life and of course the issue of faith featured, as it is a significant part of my life, and the directors of HaKokhav Haba were interested and wanted to hear more.”

Do you feel you were successful in delivering the message of Yeshua to those around you at the show?

“I believe that everything went according to God’s plan, and the message was heard. After the program I had many others ask me; Believers who wanted to know how to speak freely about their faith, and non-believers who showed a lot of interest and wanted to know more about faith in Yeshua the Messiah.”

And back to Yad Aman: For more information on the dates of performances or for artists who want to perform, you can go to their Facebook page.

The shows at Yad Aman are open to the public and artists do not have to pay to perform.

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