Yeshuachai TV: New Messianic Internet TV Channel soon to be launched in Israel

Aviram Eldar is the manager of the upcoming Yeshuachai internet TV channel while also being on the Revive Israel ministry team. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Ella, and their children.

Yeshuachai (“Yeshua is Alive” or “Yeshua Live”) is an exciting new internet TV channel that is set to be launched this summer from Israel. A principal purpose of its founding is to help the Messianic community share the Good News of Yeshua with Israelis.

Aviram Eldar, who runs this project, explains: “We want to further the Kingdom of God through a TV platform upon which Messianic believers can broadcast Gospel related videos in Hebrew to a very large audience.”

So, for example, if a ministry wanted to broadcast a film they had produced, they could do so through Yeshuachai TV.  “Believers will be able to reach far more Israelis with the Gospel message by using Yeshuachai than through their websites and other means alone,” Aviram affirms.

“Yeshuachai will have 24/7 programming and there will always be a lot to watch. We therefore expect people to keep returning and to tell their friends about it as well. Our goal is that by 2020 all of Israel will know about Yeshuachai.”

As the channel’s target audience is Israeli all its material will be in Hebrew. Therefore those who use Yeshuachai for broadcasting the most will be the local Israeli Messianic Body.

Overseen by seven pastors and elders from congregations around the country, Yeshuachai is a project run by the local Body of Messiah, under the auspices of Revive Israel, a non-profit organization.

AviramHowever, Aviram emphasizes, “While the idea for Yeshuachai came through members of Revive Israel, the channel does not ‘belong’ to Revive; it is not a branch of that ministry. This project is being run entirely separately from Revive Israel. Yeshuachai belongs to Yeshua first and then to the Messianic Body of believers as a whole.

The channel’s development has been funded through donations, and there is an open invitation to donate to its continuance.

Nevertheless, there will be no charge to those who want to use it.

Yeshuachai will be launched officially on 14 August 2015 through an advertising and promotion campaign. An informative and upbeat promotional video in English can be seen by clicking here.

The channel’s website is currently being built and it is planned this part of the work will be completed in time for the launch. Viewers can get a taste of things to come by clicking onto  and watching broadcasts ranging in content from short teachings and news items to studio chat shows, personal testimonies and local worship bands.  All the programs are in Hebrew and made in a professional but accessible, contemporary and engaging style.

However, Aviram asserts, “We want to emphasize that the running channel that we are working on is not the channel itself. It is still only a player for broadcasting tests.”

The channel will continue in a testing process until the end of July because, as Avriam says, “We want to ensure a high quality service for viewers.”

In looking forward to the launch of Yeshuachai, it is interesting to note that the first point the promotional video makes is that 90% of Israelis have internet, and 70% of them have smartphones. This makes internet TV an especially relevant and potentially powerful form of communication with the public:

Yeshuachai will be meeting Israelis where they are to bring them the life of Yeshua.

Update August 1, 2015:  The new launch date is July 14, 2015. The original article published stated the launch would be on July 31, 2015.