Yesterday, today and tomorrow

View of mountains in Switzerland, the ICEJ-sponsored pastors conference

Next month we mark twenty years in Israel! As we look back over the wonderful years that have already passed we are so very grateful for His mercy and provision. By God’s grace, in the first 9 years, we helped to establish a wonderful congregation in Tel Aviv, and in the last 11 years, we have devoted our lives to raising up Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem. Today, both congregations are flourishing, filled with the life of His Spirit and shining forth with the Gospel to Israelis who do not believe.

Eddie and Jackie Santoro
Eddie and Jackie Santoro

There are other special moments that come to mind as we look back during this season. Thirty eight years ago I met my beautiful wife. She came to a July 4 picnic put on by our congregation in Woodstock, NY. I met her on that first day, brought her to faith on the second day and asked for her hand in marriage on the third day. Jackie said “yes!” and on September 2, we were married. A day never passes that I do not thank God for all she is and has been to me.

On August 7, 2015, exactly two years ago, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. The storm was great, the affliction was mighty but we turned to God and then we shared the BAD NEWS with you and you joined the battle for my life.

Eight months later they discovered a separate case of cancer in my tonsil and lymph. They assured me that it was not connected to the brain cancer in any way. It was a hard blow but we again turned to God and again WE TURNED TO YOU! And exactly one year ago at the end of this month, they finished the treatments. Praise God, once again, I was cancer free!

By God’s grace and your ongoing prayer and support, we are not finished!


On Sunday, we left for a “Pastor’s Retreat” in the Swiss Alps, sponsored by the International Christian Embassy. There are more than fifty of us attending, including children. The group is comprised of Arab and Jewish pastors from Israel along with many of the European leaders of the ICEJ. The time here has been so wonderful in so many ways. We meet together every morning and evening for a time of prayer, worship and sharing and spend the bulk of every day seeing the beautiful country that surrounds us. It has been an incredible experience that has filled our hearts with joy, as we spend these days with these special people. Here are a few snapshots of beautiful Switzerland.

Life is an amazing adventure in God. Sometimes it’s difficult and sometimes it’s all a pleasure but in all situations we have learned to look to Yeshua. He has given us all that we need and we can do all things in Him who strengthens us. As we abide in him, we move from glory to glory.

We are grateful to God as we have lived yesterday, are living today and look forward to tomorrow. And we know with certainty that in every way His great provision will be there for each of you as you step from today into tomorrow.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, August 11, 2017, and reposted with permission.