You should still let America go

USS Truman

A few days before the recent election in the US I posted a blog here at KNI entitled Let America Go, in which I said that the Church in the US (and perhaps also here in Israel) has put far too much faith in the Republican Party in the US, to the point where it has become an idol for some people who put their faith, hope and trust in it instead of in God.

Kind of a lot’s happened since I wrote that blog.

Against all expectations, Donald Trump won the election and will soon be inaugurated as the next President of the United States.

This caused a huge (and I would say appropriate) sigh of relief among many friends of Israel, who correctly believe that the incoming Trump Administration will be more friendly towards Israel then the outgoing Obama Administration.

However, we MUST NOT allow ourselves to become complacent in our prayers and other support for Israel because of this.

America likely WILL resume its traditional role as Israel’s best friend and closest ally following the inauguration of Donald Trump in a few days, but it will do so with drastically reduced capacity to act, regardless of intent.

Proof of that was available in a recent report that the US Navy has recently been forced, yet again, to rotate out the aircraft carrier battle group which had been on station in the Middle East without immediately rotating in a replacement.

These Carrier Battle Groups (CBG) are the lynchpin of US security/diplomatic strategy around the world. Until the next CBG is ready to deploy to the Middle East, US capacity to carry out whatever strategy the incoming Trump Administration decides on in this part of the world will be greatly diminished.

But the problem goes far beyond that.

The reason the new CBG will not be ready to deploy for several months reveals DEEP structural and institutional problems in the US. The shipyards which are supposed to prepare US Navy ships to deploy around the world are in crisis because of a shortage of workers qualified to carry out the work. The Navy (and the rest of the US military) are also struggling to find enough recruits with the necessary educational, physical and psychological qualifications to serve.

This shortage of qualified and motivated workers is becoming more severe in nearly every segment of the US economy, military, academic, political and social infrastructure.

Tens of thousands of high-quality and high paying jobs in the US are now being filled by non-US citizens who are in the US on guest-worker visas. Many tens of thousands more are simply being left vacant. This fuels a vicious cycle of sluggish economic activity which in turn leads to a further erosion in the quality of life at all levels. That adds to tensions and pressure on social cohesion, which continues to fray along racial and cultural lines, with many of these fissures producing violence.

Hanging over everything is the national debt I mentioned in the previous blog and an increasingly severe pattern of destructive weather events which are probably made worse by man-made pollution.

Many of these problems have been brewing for a long time, and they will NOT be solved quickly, even if there were solid plans in place to address the root causes, which there aren’t.

Donald Trump’s campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” sounds good, but the inescapable fact is that the raw materials and human capital needed to make that happen just aren’t available, no matter how determined the chief-executive is or how brilliant whatever actual plans he might have turn out to be.

Israelis need to start thinking about what we’ll do in a post-America world, and that includes the Body of Messiah in this country.

My advice, to whoever is interested, continues to be to let the USA decrease in our hearts as the Kingdom of Jesus Christ increases.

THAT Kingdom is where we need to be putting our faith, hope and trust. THAT Kingdom is where we need to be investing our efforts and directing our prayers, especially our brothers and sisters who are part of the underground churches in our neighboring Moslem-majority countries.

Because Jesus Christ is the ONLY King who can save Israel, the US, or anyone else.

Donald Trump will no doubt do what he can, and we should pray for him daily. But he’s about to find out just how limited the power he’s just attained actually is.