Israeli author publishes ‘honest narrative of lessons learned the hard way’

Simcha Natan
Simcha Natan

Simcha Natan has learned from experience how to embrace many of her hardships. Her recently published book, Dare to Ask, shares her discovery of how increased perspective and understanding help improve our ability to cope with challenges.

“We all learn certain lessons the hard way,” Natan told KNI. “But so often we think that we’re learning the hard way when it’s only our mindset that needs to change in order to see the glorious things that God does in our lives and the opportunities He’s giving us, if only we would see them for what they are!”

Dare to Ask is Natan’s personal commentary on her continuing efforts to produce a musical recording, a statement of faith that the project will come to be… It’s the stories behind the songs and an outpouring of a tenacious heart that won’t let go.

“It came about because I was writing songs about lessons I had been learning through difficult circumstances,” said Natan. “I started feeling that I needed to write down the stories of these songs and I started to do so in blog form. But these posts never felt finished… It didn’t take me long to realize that it was a lot more than a blog! Writing Dare to Ask took about six months.”

Natan and her family made aliyah in 2011. A wife and mother of three with a business “on the side,” she also works for the Ascend Carmel worship and intercession programs, spending much of her “free time” songwriting and participating in worship with a team in the north of Israel.

“We have three children. My kids are awesome! My oldest son is into tennis and basketball, is becoming an expert on garage bands and loves electronics. My daughter is a ballerina, does pottery and loves anything to do with art and creativity. My youngest son is a gymnast, break dancer and a total people person! They all love God, worship and having guests!”

Natan’s advice to anyone who hopes to write a book? “Write it! Writing and printing isn’t expensive these days and, with the ability to self-publish, anyone can get their story out there. If God has put something in your heart to write, you should write it! It will benefit you, as you learn through experience but it will also benefit others. My approach is always for ‘the one’ – if it blessed even one, then it’s worth it. My main advice to a writer would be to invest in an editor. This was invaluable for me. I can’t stress that enough!

“It’s also a challenge to put out there for everyone to see something that’s close to your heart. It’s a very vulnerable position… I’d love to hear from people about Dare to Ask, how they found it and if God used it in any way. I’d also love to receive help with marketing and getting the word out. It’s hard work for a self publisher. Any reviews would be greatly received.”

Cover Image, Dare to Ask“Through beautifully honest personal stories, as well as the lives of biblical characters, Dare to Ask unravels some of the mystery behind how we can keep pushing for more of God, from a place of rest, whatever the season of life we are experiencing.”

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